About Our Team

New Zealand Skills in Demand believes you are only as good as your team. We, at New Zealand Skills in Demand, are proud of the team we have assembled as well as the professional service to New Zealand Employers and international candidates that we provide. We are also passionate about bridging the New Zealand skills gap.

All the principals at New Zealand Skills in Demand have lived (or currently live) outside of New Zealand, so they relate to the challenges that you may face, when it comes to moving countries.


Ammar Yousef New Zealand Skills In Demand Recruitment

Ammar joined the team as the International Recruitment Consultant in May 2019 in Christchurch, New Zealand, where he relocated to from London, England in 2014. Ammar grew up in Kent and Surrey, in South East England but spent time working in London and Dubai, before making the move to New Zealand. Ammar has over 25 years of experience within recruitment and is excited to lead the team through this busy period, as our General Manager today.
Ammar works closely with our team to support them in their endeavours to change our international candidates’ lives for the better, with not just the opportunity of permanent job in New Zealand, but also the relocation support that we are proud of providing all our candidates, and their families, as well as the in work support that is on offer to all our candidates.
Before joining the team Ammar had spent the past 14 years creating and growing a successful recruitment company within the United Kingdom, helping candidates to find their dream role and employers to find quality staff, and now he is looking to achieve the same goal within our team at New Zealand Skills in Demand.


Borey provides New Zealand Skills in Demand and its candidates and clients with specialist immigration advice relating to New Zealand. Borey is a fully licensed Immigration Adviser and has recently been appointed as the CPD Co-ordinator for the New Zealand Association of Migration & Investment. Holding a Bachelor of Law and Art from the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, Borey is a specialist in New Zealand immigration law, policy and procedure and is experienced in dealing with all types of immigration applications for private and corporate clients.

Borey manages his own successful immigration practice, Migration Associates, in the United Kingdom where has lived for the last six years, with his immigration knowledge being highly regarded by clients and other professionals within the industry. Borey maintains a visible presence in the UK market and regularly exhibits at emigration shows and authors articles for UK emigration magazines.

Borey is a proud Cantabrian with a vested interest to assist the Christchurch rebuild as his family still live in the city and his plans are to one day relocate back to his home town.

Borey Chum New Zealand Skills In Demand Recruitment



Nadine Sawma New Zealand Skills In Demand Recruitment

Nadine originally joined the team as a Support Consultant in July 2019. Her passion for guiding our best international candidates to the right New Zealand jobs has developed and she is now a Senior International Recruitment Consultant.

Nadine works closely with our candidates that range from areas such as the United Kingdom, mainland Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia, ensuring they can effectively communicate and quantify their skills, competencies, character, and motivation.

Nadine grew up in Christchurch, New Zealand, before spending a few years in the Middle East, immersing herself in her cultural heritage.

After returning to New Zealand, Nadine gained almost 10 years’ experience working in front-line customer service and administrative roles that have included regular liaising with government departments and delivering on end to end recruitment strategies.



Nadine Sawma New Zealand Skills In Demand Recruitment

After gaining a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Human Resources and Supply Chain Management in the end of year in 2022, Serene joined the New Zealand Skills in Demand team as the Candidate Support Consultant in March 2023.

Serene is originally from Taiwan, lived in Canada for over two years, then relocated to Christchurch, New Zealand since 2013.

Growing up and living in Asia, North America, and Oceania, Serene has great experience interacting with people from different cultural backgrounds and understands the challenges that our candidates may face as newcomers in New Zealand.

Serene is very caring and loves to help people, and she supports our successful candidates by providing the relevant relocation information throughout their recruitment journey, and assists with any queries regarding relocation from their country of origin to New Zealand.

Serene also supports our candidates further by helping them settle into New Zealand life, and remains in touch with them for at least their first three to six months in New Zealand.


Nadine Sawma New Zealand Skills In Demand Recruitment

Mark migrated to New Zealand as a child from the UK.  Having gained a bachelor’s degree majoring in the Management of Informational Systems and Technology Mark’s roles included systems analysis.   However, Mark’s real passion lies in digital marketing, and he undertook a post graduate certificate in marketing.

Joining the New Zealand Skills in Demand team in 2020 Mark focuses on digital marketing as well as managing the marketing technology tools.