Be part of a great team in beautiful New Zealand. Advance your career and enjoy the lifestyle!

Engineers needed

Some specialist skills are especially sought after.

New Zealand has approximately 74,000 working as engineers or in related roles.
It is estimated there will be a need for 1,500 more each year just to match economic growth, let alone replace engineers who retire or move onto other jobs.
The government in 2020 announced a $15 billion surge of infrastructure projects in a New Zealand Upgrade programme, with special emphasis on roading and transport, hospitals and schools.

This is in addition to already unprecedented infrastructure investment. An estimated $129 billion is expected to be spent on capital projects between 2019 and 2029. 

New Zealand has world class health system and a awesome lifestyle that is just waiting for you.

Snow-capped mountains and beaches lie within a few short hours from cities, that are modern and thriving.   With a land mass greater than the United Kingdom and a population smaller than London there is plenty of space to play and live.

There is also space to develop and grow your engineering career.