2023 In Demand Skills in New Zealand

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Most In Demand Skills in New Zealand 2023

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The New Zealand Job Market
The New Zealand jobs in demand varies constantly throughout New Zealand. However, the demand for skilled workers in New Zealand has been growing. This need is seen across several key industries such as health, construction, and engineering.

However, there are now some new rules for working and living in New Zealand. The New Zealand Work Visa and its requirements has been changed. An employer now must be a New Zealand Accredited Employer before they are allowed to hire new migrant workers.

For migrant workers the criteria for a New Zealand work visa has also changed. The country of registration and / or gaining of qualifications, along with the qualifications themselves can be important. For example, if you are a registered nurse in a country outside the United Kingdom, Ireland, USA, Canada, Singapore or Australia, the New Zealand nursing council process may be different.

However, one very important factor is knowing your own needs and expectations. New Zealand is further away than many may be accustomed to, and it can feel like a long way away. The living in costs in New Zealand can be higher than some are used to. However, with a landmass 10% larger than the United Kingdom and only just a tad over 5.0 million people, there is plenty of space to stretch out in and an awesome place to work, live and play.

Unemployment in New Zealand is very low.  There are not enough local skills to meet the needs of several industries. 

Registered Nurses Jobs in New Zealand
Registered nurse jobs in New Zealand are plentiful.  From general practice to registered nurses specialising in mental health and disablities. 

Truck Driver Jobs in New Zealand.
Truck drivers with Class 4 or 5 licenses and in particular truck and trailer and transporting experience will find there are great opportunities in New Zealand. There are many smaller local trucking companies offering great rates and conditions.

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