Structural Welder

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Structural Welders create the metal framework for buildings and bridges as well as cut and repair beams, columns, and girders. They work for construction companies, manufacturers, shipbuilders, mining companies, oil and gas companies, and aerospace industries.

Structural welders weld metal on structures and tools of all types. These professionals also perform repairs on metal pieces to prevent structural fatigue. Structural welders generally work daytime weekday hours and work for private and government businesses, both as full-time employees and on an independent contractor basis. Structural welders are supervised by the job or company foreman, and sometimes travel is required for this job because structural welders must physically go out to structures and projects that need welding.

Welders (Structural, Stainless Steel & Pipe)

Locations: North Island and South Island

Qualifications & Experience: Qualified with 3+ years commercial and / or residential work experience.

Salary: Upon Application

Hours: Upon Application