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New Zealand has been recognised as a country that offers one of the highest qualities of life in the world. This multicultural country offers a safe, green and healthy lifestyle environment as well as being a modern global leading and exciting place to live. Proudly promoting a clean, sustainable and technology driven economy that has garnered attention around the globe. With a modern medical and health IT sector it is an ideal place to reset your medical career

Based on studies, doctors and medical practitioners who have chosen New Zealand as a place to work have listed job satisfaction and a preference for the lifestyle as key reasons to stay. In a 2015 HSBC Expat Explorer survey, 76% of expat parents living in New Zealand felt that their “offspring are more healthy living in New Zealand” making New Zealand and ideal place for growing and future families alike.

Whether indoors or outdoors, New Zealand with its coastline and stunning beaches within half an hour’s drive (no matter where you live), national parks, native reserves, mountains and numerous ski areas and second to only Scotland in golf courses per capita than anywhere else in the world – it’s worth the trip down under – check out 100% Pure New Zealand website here.


Expand your career and lifestyle today, working in beautiful New Zealand for one of the country’s leading and progressive private national health groups.

We have Elderly Care Registered Nurse Positions available in our major regions across New Zealand.


3+ years clinical experience and have a current NZNC practicing certificate or been registered / licensed as a nurse in the country where you received your nursing education, holding current registration / license (in that or another country). You must also provide verification of good standing from all countries you have been and are registered with.  Experience in acute nursing is a definite advantage.  You will have strong interpersonal skills and values with a good grasp of English communication both verbal and written.

NOTE: if you have no post registration experience, you are not eligible to apply for registration.

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Working for us as a Nurse within one of our vibrant multicultural communities, requires 3+ years clinical experience and strong clinical acumen. As a skilled elderly care nurse practitioner, you will have a comprehensive knowledge of medical conditions, diagnostics, and treatment options to establish robust, effective, and timely treatment care plans.  You will be responsible for liaising with our patients covering a range of settings, including inpatient or outpatient care, or both, with individuals, their families, whanau, communities and our physicians or specialists.


As a group we pride ourselves on providing easy to access, high-quality, affordable healthcare services for our diverse patient population. Among one of our greatest strengths is our ability and willingness to challenge the norms about healthcare and pilot new ways within modern medicine and care to help people live safer, happier and healthier lives.

We put a little heart into everything we do putting our patients first, whom, along with our team, we engage with respect and kindness. We’re passionate about medical care for the communities we serve as we strive for a better future for everyone. To that end, we invest heavily in technology and our character supporting our talented, diverse staff lead the way in wellness and preventive healthcare making the right decisions, while celebrating our differences no matter their ethnicity, gender, faith, or financial position.

Registered Nurse attributes/responsibilities:

  • Speaking with patients to better understand their concerns, needs, conditions, and medical history
  • Admitting, discharging, and doing scheduled rounds to check on patients
  • Performing examinations, ordering and interpreting diagnostic tests, and going over results with patients or the physician, if necessary
  • Establishing care or condition management plans, including prescribing medications or other treatments
  • Educating the patient and or family members about medical conditions and courses of action
  • Keeping records regarding patient history, condition, treatments, and progress
  • Alerting physicians when conditions worsen or if abnormalities arise
  • Participate in the on-call program, which may include working nights, holidays, and weekends
  • Providing nurse care for either in or out-patient care
  • Experience, additional certifications, or fluency in a second language may be preferred.
  • Knowledge of medical conditions and treatments
  • Understanding of diagnostic tests and the ability to interpret test results
  • Availability to work flexible hours, including nights, weekends, and holidays
  • Excellent verbal and written communication, analytical, interpersonal, and active listening skills – able to effectively communicate in English
  • Strong computer and data entry skills
  • Alert, thorough, reliable, and calm under stress
  • Organised and attentive, especially when multitasking under pressure
  • Passionate and committed to providing high-quality, sympathetic care, and service to patients
  • Desire to be part of a strong growing team culture with respect for all.

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