Accident & Emergency Nurse



An A&E Nurse, or Accident and Emergency Nurse works in hospitals, providing medical care to patients suffering from injuries and acute illnesses. Their duties include taking patients’ vital signs, examining them and observing their physical condition, administering medication and performing procedures.

A&E Nurses respond to situations as they arise, managing patients’ care based on their symptoms and reacting to changing situations whenever they arise.

Some of your daily duties and responsibilities include:

  • Conducting preliminary patient examinations to ascertain the patient’s condition

  • Referring patients to other departments such as osteopathy, radiology and cardiology

  • Receiving patients from Paramedics and taking over their care

  • Sharing information and updates with family members

  • Analysing test results

  • Taking detailed and accurate notes

  • Applying dressings and administering pain relief, antibiotics and other medications as required

  • Completing all necessary discharge paperwork

  • Maintaining care standards in accident and emergency


The client is based in Canterbury; however, the majority of the healthcare vacancies are within Christchurch. There are over 9500 staff, and the vacancies are all in Christchurch and focusing on mental health.


Must be a registered nurse with at least 2 years’ post-grad experience within an emergency department.
Must have obtained your New Zealand Nursing Council Registration, and if so, provide the relevant details.
Please also confirm if you are in the process of obtaining your New Zealand Nursing Council Registration (e.g. if you’re dealing with the CGFNS or already at NCNZ processing stage.). Please note NZ Skills In Demand can help with this registration.

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