New Zealand is a great place to live - of course we're biased – so don't just take our word for it do some homework. In the interim here is a little teaser to get you thinking!


The climate is temperate but changeable. We are totally surrounded by ocean which means that you can literally experience four seasons in one day. However snow lying anywhere (other than in the picturesque mountains and ski fields) is a rare experience of more than a day at a time. In summer you can expect to enjoy temperatures ranging from 20 – 30 degrees across the majority of the country.

Our geography is varied and spectacular. Craggy mountain ranges, rainforest, broad plains, to sandy beaches. No matter where you live in New Zealand you are probably less than an hour from the ocean, and less than 4 hours from a ski field. Which means on the same day you can mountain bike, snowboard and surf!

Additionally you can expect to experience world class food, wine, culture and entertainment. World class acts visit the major centres on a regular basis and we've got an impressive pool of local talent across the arts and culture scene. As for the food and wine.....make sure you arrive hungry.

With just over 4 million people living in New Zealand, there is plenty of space. If you want to enjoy a city lifestyle check our cities - Auckland ( our largest city with over 1.5 million residents), Christchurch, Wellington (the capital) or Dunedin. Or if you want a more rural lifestyle if is also on offer – and in many instances you can live in the country and still be within an hours drive of a city. Some of the best places to live or play are actually our provincial towns. Queenstown for example is renowned for its year round party scene (some of the best nights we've ever had out anywhere in the world have been there!).

On the whole kiwis are a friendly and welcoming bunch, especially to those that take an active interest in their communities. Social and sports clubs , the local school or pub are great ways to make friends. We encourage people moving here to "get amongst it". You aren't going to become part of the community sitting at home watching the telly!

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