Welcome to the job seekers section of the Skills In Demand website. You have just taken one step closer to realising your dream of emigrating to New Zealand!

 This section outlines our services to candidates looking to migrate, including career opportunities and advice, lifestyle information about New Zealand and useful tips and contacts.

We understand what it is like to migrate. All of the Skills and Demand team  have lived away from their home country at some stage in their careers and so we have firsthand experience of the many challenges and opportunities the immigration process presents.

Skills in Demand can facilitate a seamless migration process for you and your family through knowledgeable advice on job opportunities, lifestyle, accommodation, education and other related services.


All of us here at Skills in Demand are Kiwis. We have extremely good networks, knowledge and understanding of your potential requirements for successful migration. We have a particular understanding of the opportunities that the Christchurch Rebuild offers because we are based there. Most importantly, if we don't know the answer we will know the person who will.


Skills in Demand does not charge jobseekers/candidates a fee to register or apply for any job opportunities we have available. As part of this complimentary service, we will offer advice on opportunities and companies that we are currently working with.

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New Zealand is a great place to live - of course we're biased – so don't just take our word for it do some homework. In the interim here is a little teaser to get you thinking!


The climate is temperate but changeable. We are totally surrounded by ocean which means that you can literally experience four seasons in one day. However snow lying anywhere (other than in the picturesque mountains and ski fields) is a rare experience of more than a day at a time. In summer you can expect to enjoy temperatures ranging from 20 – 30 degrees across the majority of the country.

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