Borey Chum – Immigration Consultant

United Kingdom based

boreyBorey provides New Zealand Skills in Demand and its candidates and clients with specialist immigration advice relating to New Zealand. Borey is a fully licensed Immigration Adviser and has recently been appointed as the CPD Co-ordinator for the New Zealand Association of Migration & Investment.   Holding a Bachelor of Law and Art from the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, Borey is a specialist in New Zealand immigration law, policy and procedure and is experienced in dealing with all types of immigration applications for private and corporate clients.

Borey manages his own successful immigration practice, Migration Associates, in the United Kingdom where has lived for the last six years, with his immigration knowledge being highly regarded by clients and other professionals within the industry. Borey maintains a visible presence in the UK market and regularly exhibits at emigration shows and authors articles for UK emigration magazines. 
Borey is a proud Cantabrian with a vested interest to assist the Christchurch rebuild as his family still live in the city and his plans are to one day relocate back to his home town.  

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